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2009-10-28 01:25:49 by Elentir

Hello, the name's Jared, but I suppose you can call me Elentir (or Shyfox from a dark past :o !!) Joined a while ago, but never actually setup anything, so I thought it would be nice to do that. Yep, so I'm a doodler or doodle artist (artist yeah right lol) of sorts, so I won't lie-I suck pwny balls atm, but hopefully I'll try to get better. Preferrably I wanna get better at drawing people, so eventually I'll be able to draw something that doesn't look like it was pulled out of the womb with a wrench lol. I don't know if I'll post anything yet, but eventually I will lol. Anyway, have a nice day!


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2009-10-28 01:57:23

Good luck with your art skills. And you have a nice day as well.

Elentir responds:

why tyvm!


2009-10-31 07:24:44

Good Luck, buddy ;-)

Elentir responds: